About Bioroots

We believe that analyzing multiple biomarkers at once in one space is more accurate and more informative than analyzing one biomarker.

Founded in 2018, our mission is to provide the best solutions for multi-analysis and diagnostics in the field of bioscience and disease diagnosis. 

We hope that the tools we make will enable accurate diagnosis of disease and further investigation of life phenomena.

The simplest multiplexing

Bioroots Mission

One space

By simultanueously analyzing dozens of analytes in one sample in one space, the sample volume used can be minimized and analyzed under the same conditions.

One step

Users simply mix it and install it on the iMeasy100. Then, after printing the report on the printer, you can discuss the experiment with your colleagues. That's it.

Team Bioroots

Daeho Jang



Bio team Manager

GH Chae

System team Manager

CD Seo

Marketing team Manager



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