Hblock is a product name of encoded hydrogel microparticles of Bioroots

About Hblock

Core  Features

Hblock can be mass-produced using our own advanced technology.
This is a graphically encoded particle and bio-compatible.
It has very high sensitivity due to flexibility of the PEG & porous-structure.
Its non-specific binding is almost zero because hydrophilic property.
The surface of the Hblock can be functionalized various capture molecules with high density for successful immobilization of ligand.


Functionalized Hblock

SA-Hblock: streptavidin Hblock

The Hblock is made in a porous structure, and the analyte can be penetrated into the inside of the Hblock to bind with the ligand.

We are also ready to provide a variety of surface materials at the customer's request.


Getting start kit (GSK-SAH): for singleplex or feasibility test

4-plex kit (SAH4): for one to four analytes test

10-plex kit (SAH10): for one to ten analytes test