Simplest multitasking system

Full automatic fluorescence scanner & software

Full automatic fluorescence scanner 


iMeasy100 finds the Hblock by scanning the entire area of the microchip chamber or well. If there is Hblock during scanning in bright mode, check which code is in it, switch to fluorescence mode, and check the fluorescence value of the Hblock.

Measurement tool

Scanning software to accelerate your measurement workflow

From bright mode to fluorescence mode image of H-block, our measurement tool ensure reliable results and efficient workflow.

Analysis tool

Data earning software to accelerate your analysis workflow


Fluorescence intensity

Standard quantification curve (4-parameter fitting)




The auto-focusing algorithm for Hblock, own technology, provides fair and repeatable data.


By controlling the focus of the Z-axis by moving the camera, the movement of the sample during the focusing process can be minimized.


Our decoding algorithm technology perfectly identifies Hblock's code.


Through the edge detection algorithm, the attached particles are separated and the loss of particles to be analyzed is minimized.


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