Tools that can analyze multiple biomarkers information

simultaneously in one space

to more clearly identify life phenomena

and more accurately diagnose diseases

Encoding hydrogel particles


Hblock can be mass-produced using our own advanced technology. This is a graphically encoded particle and bio-compatible. It has very high sensitivity due to flexibility of the PEG & porous-structure. Its non-specific binding is almost zero because hydrophilic property. The surface of the Hblock can be functionalized various capture molecules with high density for successful immobilization of ligand.


Full automatic fluorescence scanner 


iMeasy100 finds the H-blocks by scanning the entire area of the microchip chamber or well. If there is Hblock during scanning in bright mode, check which code is in it, switch to fluorescence mode, and check the fluorescence value of the Hblock.


Multiplexing immunoassay


SimpleX is based on simple step sandwich immunoassay, it is fast turn around time, low consumption of cost and sample volume but multiplexing, high sensitivity and wide dynamic range


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We provides open platform products to partners, which products allow to maximize the performance of partner’s own assay methods. We also offers cost-effective and customizable OEM products.